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How It Works

How Ship Skis Works

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Step 1

Schedule Your Shipment

It’s fast and easy! Simply click Ship Now, provide the origination and destination of the shipment; choose the items to be shipped; select the amount of required insurance; select the dates the shipment needs to be picked up and delivered; elect whether you want to have your shipment picked up from your residence or place of business, or dropped off at a designated carrier store (UPS or FedEx). Your shipment is now ready to be processed! For a video tutorial on creating a successful shipment please.

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Step 2

Print Your Shipping Labels

Congratulations, you have successfully processed your shipment! Your shipping label(s) may be printed directly from the confirmation page once your shipment has been finalized. A confirmation email has also been sent to your attention with a link to print your shipping label(s).

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Step 3

Prepare Your Winter Gear

Your skis and/or snowboard may be shipped in a soft or hard travel case. However, please make certain that the contents of the shipment are securely packed and that adequate padding surrounds all fragile pieces and/or elements, eliminating the possibility of damage while in transit to your final destination. The use of a luggage/fly tag is highly recommended for all shipments that are not being shipped in a box.

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Step 4

Carrier Pickup or Carrier Store Drop-Off

Your assigned logistics provider (UPS or FedEx) will pick up your shipment from the origination address that you have provided. While a pick up time is unable to be specified, please ensure that your shipment is readily available for the designated carrier on the day of your shipment. If you have selected to drop your shipment off at the carrier’s store, please ensure that the shipment is dropped off prior to the daily drop off deadline.

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Step 5

Your Gear Arrives At The Slopes Before You

It’s that easy! Your skis/snowboard have arrived at the final destination and are awaiting your arrival. Upon delivery, a confirmation email will be sent to your attention with the time and location of delivery. If a return shipment has been processed please ensure that the return label is securely attached to the shipment and that the shipment is readily available for the logistics provider to pick up on the scheduled date of return.